About us

Cooper USA™

Cooper USA™ a specialized manufacturer, focused on production of particulate respirators and face masks with long-standing pedigree supporting international governments and frontline medical workers with dependable personal protection equipment. Our newest state-of-the-art facility in Las Vegas, Nevada is poised to continue our mission of safeguarding your future, today.

FDA Cleared Facility

Owner/Operator Number: 10081009

To manufacture reliable protection equipment requires a high standard of personal safety for our employees. From sourcing to packaging, our employees take pride in the ability to maintain a careful, manual approach in every step of the process.

Certified machinery.

Utilizing specialized machinery, Cooper USA™ employees deliver consistent results at highly efficient outputs while preserving accuracy through regular calibration testing.

Clean working conditions.

Manufacturing protection equipment requires attention to sustaining a sterile environment. Production lines are divided into multiple rooms with the belief that hygiene remains a cornerstone of our manufacturing process.